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ShanDong Inclusive Technology co.,Ltd is the subsidiary of RopeNet Group Co, which focus on the service of rope and net industry with plastic injection, carton printing, wood package products. The factory size is about 15000 square meter, the company can provide whole range of package design, research, production and sale service. We already owned NEBONLO trade mark and register certificate, Tai'an Science and Technology SME Certificate......

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    Processing technology of injection molding produ

    For plastic products, it is very important to choose which processing and molding method. Because different processing and molding methods not only have a greater impact on the quality of plastic products, but also have a greater difference in production costs. At present, in the field of plastic processing, the injection molding technology is relatively cost-effective, and there are many injection molding manufacturers using this technology for processing. It is not very difficult to understand the injection molding process. The following sections will introduce the injection molding process to you.......

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    How to select pallet

    Pallet selection method: 1. Load bearing requirements of dynamic load and static load on selected pallet. 2. Whether it is used for the shelf, and the load bearing requirements on the shelf. If it is used for the shelf, the nine foot pallet cannot be selected. 3. Forklift types, such as manual forklift or mechanical powered forklift, among pallet products, only nine foot type and Sichuan type can be used for manual forklift, and mechanical powered forklift can be used for all pallets.......

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    Characteristics of plastics compared with other 

    1. Light weight Plastic is a light material with a relative density of 0.90-2.2. Obviously, can plastic float on the water? In particular, the foamed plastic has a lighter texture and a relative density of only 0.01 due to its micropores. This property allows plastics to be used in the production of products that require weight reduction.......

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    Classification of plastics

    There are hundreds of plastics produced in industry, among which more than 60 are commonly used. Common classification methods are as follows: According to the performance after heating:......

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